Nov 07, 2019
Gabe Pallanez
Bethany Senior Care

From Gabe:

I grew up in Midland, Texas.  I was the middle child having one older sister and one younger sister, both parents were teachers and my father was also a coach.  I graduated from Greenwood High School in 1999 and went to college to play baseball at Hardin-Simmons, then Midland College.  After playing baseball I decided to attend Texas Tech University and there I received my bachelors in Exercise Sports Science and Minor in Food and Nutrition.  I took a job in Montana selling cell phones which lasted for about 6 months and ended up moving back home.  I took a job in Victoria 14 years ago as a personal trainer at the HealthPlex.  There at the gym I met my future wife.  After one year of working there I proceeded to become a fire-fighter and paramedic which I attended night classes while working full-time at the HealthPlex.  This took me two years to accomplish so I spent a total of three years at the gym.  I got on with the City of Victoria Fire Department and started my career with them as a Fire-fighter.  Just at this time I was introduced to the former CEO of Regency Heber Lacerda, and he needed a personal trainer to come to his house and train him.  So I trained him 3 times a week on my days off from fire-fighting and was doing this for 2 years when he offered me a job in the nursing home industry.  Now at this time I had been married for two years and had one child.  I decided that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity so I left the fire department and went and worked in a nursing home as an AIT.  I started in Edna at Southbooke then was transferred to Port Lavaca and spent two years working at the facility there.  I received my license and started running Cuero Nursing and Rehab.  Since that time me and my wife have three children Daniel-10, Darin-8, and Gracyn-3.  I have promoted up to running a whole region of nursing homes in the Houston area but the big city did not suit me.  At this time Mr. Lacerda had sold his company but informed me that he will be opening up a facility in Port Lavaca in a few years and that he wanted me to run it.  In that three years I have run several of the local facilities and just waiting my time before I got to come back to Port Lavaca.


I Love to exercise daily

Huge sports fan and love watching college football

Love watching movies

Love spending time with my family

Been married 11 years and consider myself a very lucky man.