Contact: Jan Regan
Port Lavaca
United States of America

Guest Speakers

Bill Harvey and John Foester

Bill is a native of Fort Worth and served six years in the U.S. Navy. He graduated from Texas A&M University with degrees in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences and from the University of Texas with a public policy degree.  He began wildlife photography in the mid 80’s while working for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.Rot

John Foester

John grew up in and still lives in Calhoun County.   He is a graduate of Texas A&M University and is a geophysicist in the oil & gas industry and does some ranching on the side.  Some of his pastimes are fishing, hunting, looking for arrowheads, and photography.

Foester Ranch

Louis Foester began ranching in 1858 in the Long Mott area.  In 1879 he bought land in the Clark Station area and moved his family to the new homestead on Chocolate Bayou in 1881.  Over the years, additional lands at Six Mile, Alamo Beach, Coloma Creek, Indianola, and other tracts around Lavaca & Matagorda Bay were purchased by the successive generations of Foesters.  Bill & John took photos on the estate lands of Louis Foester III, John’s father and a great grandson of the founder.  These lands contain a great diversity of habitats and wildlife with bay frontage, salt marshes, oak woods, riparian woods, freshwater lakes, creeks, and cropland that provide ample opportunity for wildlife/nature photographs.